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Upon returning from a day of work, Emily arrives home to an eviction notice on her apartment door giving her a mere 30 days to move out due to housing redevelopment sweeping Chicago. Panicking, Emily immediately attempts to f igure things out with her roommate, Renee, who turns out to be non-responsive and uninterested in discussing the situation.
Emily is all alone in her endeavor to fi nd a new place to live. With just three weeks remaining before the eviction, Emily chats about the move with laid back, next-door neighbor Nikki, who also faces eviction, and offers to help her in her search for an apartment. Rather than focusing on fi nding new places to live, Nikki continues spending her time working on her writing, turning down Emily’s offer as if the eviction isn’t happening. Nikki’s indifference to the impending eviction only exacerbates Emily’s angst. Emily sets up multiple meetings all across the city with potential roommates in hopes of finding a new place to live.
As the remaining weeks wane, tensions rise as Emily finds out Nikki has been looking for apartments after all, coincidentally at the same places Emily is interviewing. On top of the newfound competition, each person Emily meets with proves to be a unique and often times challenging personality, forcing Emily to reckon with parts of herself she didn’t expect to all in order to fi nd a new place to live.